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Our Code of Ethics:

I will always check Federal, State, County and Local laws before searching. It is my responsibility "know the law"

I will respect private property and will not enter private property without the owner's permission. Where possible, such permission will be in writing.

I will take care to refill all holes and try not to leave any damage.

I will remove and dispose of any and all trash and litter that I find.

I will appreciate and protect our inheritance of natural resources, wildlife and private property.

I will as an ambassador for the hobby, use thoughtfullness, consideration and courtesy at all times.

I will work to help bring unity to our hobby by working with any organizaiton of any geographic area that may have problems that will limite their ability to peacefully pursue the hobby. 

I will report to the proper authorities and individuals who enter and or remove artifacts from federal or state property, or who disturb or discover any human remains.

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